What not to do two days before we leave

My Mother has made us promise that we will blog about the things that don’t go so well on the trip “as that is the most interesting reading”.  Here is the first incident before we even take off.

Yesterday I was cutting up spinach to put in cheese scones, “chop, chop, chop, owwww”.  Using a brand new knife I managed to slice off a good part of the finger nail on my left index finger, which means loads of blood.  Grant’s mother took me to the local medical centre where they tired to stop the bleeding using pressure, however because they were not able to (and I think they wanted to go home) I was referred to Tauranga Hospital.

After a 20170409_094625wait in the ED waiting area we saw a great ED doctor who took a look and said it will be fine, travel can go on as planned and to keep changing the dressings until the seaweed dressing he has applied comes off.  And to keep elevated, so I’m a one handed act at the moment trying to get the last of our jobs done.  Was quite painful last night but I got a good night’s sleep.

One more sleep to go!  And I’m staying clear of sharp knives!


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