Day 1/112 Auckland to Hong Kong

The flight from Auckland was fairly uneventful. Full flight so no opportunity to spread out. When we arrived in Hong Kong we took the airport express train into Hong Kong station. We sure looked liked tourists with our backpacks amongst the rush hour throngs. We saw the Comvita store at Hong Kong station but it wasn’t open.


We found our hostel ok and left our bags there. I managed to lose my Octopus pass somewhere between the MTR and the hostel which was very annoying as we’d loaded funds to cover the trip back to the airport. To fill in time until we could check in we used the MTR to go to the waterfront, take a ferry across to HK Island, and cool down with gelato. Both the girls did really well with lots of walking today after a long night. Quiet afternoon with showers, naps and journal writing. Our hostel overlooks the Temple St markets so we’ll have a look at them, then it’ll be an early night for all.


4 responses to “Day 1/112 Auckland to Hong Kong

  1. Take a tram and sit upstairs to get a feel for HK island at little cost. Bus 15 to the Peak and walk Lugard Road. Take the Peak tram back. Go late afternoon to see the lights come on. Dim sum at City Hall. 6 bus to Stanley Market. And don’t forget to pay the Lions st HSBC!


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