Day 2/112 Hong Kong trams


The hostel we are staying at has different murals on each floor. The photo above is on the 13th floor where our room is.

Today we headed over to Hong Kong island and used the trams to travel to the Western end. On the way back we stopped and used the Mid Levels Esculators, an outdoor set of esculators above the road and footpaths where there is a steep incline. From there we went across to PMQ, the old Police Married Quarters, where they have a number of Hong Kong crafted items and design stores. It wasn’t as good as when I went the first time I came to Hong Kong but maybe we were there a bit early.


Tonight we met up with Christina, who I met through Comvita, and her husband. We went to a specialty Dim Sum restaurant and tried lots of yummy food. The girls and Grant even tried chicken feet! They also took us to a dessert restaurant where we had more yummy food. Such a treat going to local places with people who live here! Thanks Christina – we look forward to hosting you in NZ!

We haven’t made it up Victoria Peak as there has been a lot of low cloud. We’ll see what tomorrow is like. At this stage we are going to join a walking tour then bus out to the southern side of the island. Then we head back to the airport to travel to London.


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