Day 7/112 As planned by Loralei and Holly

Today’s activities were chosen by Loralei and Holly. We went to County Hall at Westminster and picked up tickets for the Shrek Adventure and the London Eye. The Shrek Adventure was aimed at children but was actually a lot of fun.

Following that we went to Hamley’s toy store. That was an experience! Five levels of toys, crowds and noise. The girls loved posing by the large lego creations and after much consideration decided to use some of their spending money at Build a Bear creating a bear and rabbit complete with outfits. These are going to be well loved by the end of the trip.



6 responses to “Day 7/112 As planned by Loralei and Holly

  1. So jelous about the pics with lego creations keep up the posting we are loving the updates. Love take care safe travels Lints family


  2. Rory & I loved Hamleys and we didn’t even have children then! We also did the London Eye with James and Karyn. I was going to say there will be smaller crowds when school goes back but it will be holidays in England too! Are you going to any muesums? Harry and Grace will be so excited to read your adventures when they are home. They are off on a NZ adventure with on the bus up North.


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