Days 9-11/112 One week in London complete

We’ve had a few busy days with late nights hence no updates. On Wednesday we took a bus to Kingston to meet Julia, who I worked with at SHL. Hadn’t seen her for 16 years so it was great to catch up. The kids enjoyed seeing the canal boats, finding one that they said Nan would like to live in (because of all the treasures kept on top).

After lunch with Julia, we took a bus to Richmond to meet my cousin Stephen. It was a beautiful afternoon at the Terrace Gardens so the girls had a lot of fun taking photos with our camera. Here’s just a few of the many they took.

We met up with Stephen and walked through Richmond Park, such a treasure to the city having this amazing green space. We saw lots of deer, some stags and plenty of cyclists. At Stephen’s place, his wife Rosemary had made a yummy dinner and my cousin Jo had travelled up from Brighton. It was a great evening catching up.

On Thursday I left the house early to travel to Maidenhead to spend the day with Comvita’s UK office. While I was there Grant and the girls found a park near where we are staying to explore.

We attempted to go to Madam Tussauds on Friday morning but even within 15mins of opening there were huge lines so we decided to head to London Zoo instead. We were amazed at how close you can get to most of the animals with the way the enclosures have been designed.

We then took a bus to Camden which is not far away. The tourist trade was busy with the markets selling all sorts of souvenirs etc. We’d been trying to explain to the girls how locks work on the canal earlier in the week. At the Camden Lock we saw two boats go through at the same time. Marking a week since we arrived in London, we celebrated with beer, Pimms and lemonade.

Saturday is a quiet day then we’ll meet up with my cousin Belinda on Sunday, attempt Madam Tussauds again on Monday then we leave for Paris on Tuesday.


2 responses to “Days 9-11/112 One week in London complete

  1. Loving your blog Rosey. My first flat in London was in Regents Park Road, very near London Zoo. Amazing city. You are all doing so well. Keep it up xxxx

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