Day 14/112 Final day as London tourists

After a quiet day on Saturday, we met up with my cousin, Belinda, on Sunday. The London marathon was on so public transport was busy. We stayed away from the race areas and went to Hyde Park where the girls played at the Diana Memorial playground and then the Diana Memorial water foundation. We then walked to Knightsbridge for a pub lunch.  After lunch we went to Harrods and took a look around their food hall. So many interesting and different foods plus the usual fare, all beautifully presented.

Today we travelled with the rush hour, sandwiched into a tube at one point, to get early in line at Madame Tussaud’s. It was worth the wait … some of the wax figures are very life like, others not so much. Since I was last there they have added on some extras to the admission. A black cab taxi ride through the ages of London and a 4D superhero movie. The movie was about 10min long and better than I was expecting. The 4th dimension included being sprayed with water, cold air blowing at you … made it a lot more real.

Following lunch, we went to the London Museum. This was excellent and took us through the pre Roman times, the Roman era, mmedieval times, Victorian era, through to modern London. Outside the museum they still have remains of walls built by the Romans.

Completed our London stint with Indian for dinner, now packing up the airbnb ready to travel to Paris tomorrow.


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