Day 15/112 London to Paris

We packed up our packs and bid farewell to the airbnb that had been home for the last 11 days. We used rail and underground to get to St Pancras station in plenty of time, allowing for some window shopping and people watching, leaving London on the Eurostar at 1.30pm. What a simple, well run pleasurable service to Paris. We then had to navigate our way to the hotel I’d booked. I’d avoided to Montmartre area and in trying to keep cost down, booked a Novotel in the Western side of the city.

Using the City Mapper app we found the subway to use. Finding the right bus took longer, not helped by the fact there were roadworks and temporary bus stops. We then had to wedge ourselves into this full bus with our big backpacks on. And get shunted around as people left and joined the bus. At the train station people were jumping over the turnstiles and we only saw one person scan onto the bus correctly. Such a contrast to the organised London transport system.  I was really pleased with how Loralei and Holly coped on the bus as it would have been extremely overwhelming being squeezed in like that.

The hotel is great, in a residential / commercial area (SAP is across the road) with a shopping centre with a massive supermarket and restaurants. I’ve already found the baguettes and cheese! There is also a really nice park. This is the sunset view from our room:


Tomorrow we will join a walking tour of Paris Landmarks.


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