Day 17/112 Self guided Paris fun

This morning I heard the news that my friend Rachael’s father had passed away. As we walked into the Metro there was beautiful live music being played and I was able to reflect on what a wonderful man he was and how nice he was to me whenever I visited. Adieu Mr Glubb.

We started our day with a scenic bus ride a.k.a. getting on the bus in the wrong direction so completing the full loop and some! We decided to follow an app tour today to try something a bit different. This went along the Seine River from Place du Pont Neuf to the Eiffel Tower. At Pont Neuf the railings are covered in padlocks placed by lovers. There are even hawkers there to sell you a padlock.

We walked along the river edge on the embankment which is lower than the original river edge – you can still see the original port name and the large mooring rings. They’ve made good use of the embankment with pop up cafes, lots of exercise areas and a climbing wall for kids. There were a number of running and boot camp groups in action.

At the Eiffel Tower they have now fenced it off completely around the perimeter of the base, which is actually quite good as once you go past security, you can relax inside the base without being hassled by the hawkers. We had to queue for a bit to get tickets, then queue for another security check and the elevator to the 2nd level, then queue again for the elevator to the summit. By this point I was starting to wonder if it is all worthwhile going to these major tourist spots.  There must come a time when the sheer volume of visitors combined with all the additional security, it becomes unattractive. Once we finally made it to the top, it was worth the wait. Although it was very cold and raining and actually for a time at top you could see ice falling! We went back to the second level and from there walked down the stairs to the first level which gave a different perspective. The train back to the area we are staying in was a double decker on the RER line much to Loralei and Holly’s delight.

Holly spent some of her trip money on a scarf so is looking very chic and French inspired, while Loralei got a key ring with the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame as a reminder of her Paris visit.

Tomorrow we are on the road again, picking up a rental car to start our three week France road trip.



4 responses to “Day 17/112 Self guided Paris fun

  1. Holly, well done getting to the top of the Eiffel Tower, very proud of you for taking a risk. Great to hear the view from the top was worth it 🙂
    Girls, what do they call their money in France? I.e. we have dollars and cents in NZ.


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