Day 19/112 Versailles

Yesterday we picked up a rental car (feeling flash in a Audi A4) and navigated our way out of Paris with Google’s help. We didn’t have to drive far to our campground at Versailles. We have a cute wooden caravan under the trees about 2km from the Palace.

Today we added four to the annual 7.5m visitors to the Palace each year. We arrived just after opening and there was still quite a queue to get in, although it moved fairly quickly. Got talking to an American traveller in line which was interesting. He also commented on the increased security around Paris including seeing the Army more. We’ve seen them a number of times during our visit.

The tour inside the Palace was good, some rooms were really full, others not so bad. It was a beautiful day so we headed outside to the gardens. Today was one of their Musical Gardens so there was classical music playing all through the gardens – it was stunning to sit in the sun, listening to wonderful music and watching the water fountains. We also went over to the Grand Trianon, which was built as a more private estate for the family.

When we left after three, there were still huge lines. Can’t imagine how rushed their visit was going to given that we were there for over six hours and didn’t see it all. It’s quite overwhelming and I can see why people would do a two day pass.


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