Day 22/112 Heading south

We’ve been away three weeks now … and have just over two weeks left in France so starting to form a firmer plan to make the most of it. I am finding that we don’t get as much done travelling with kids … because we have the time, we are taking it slow and allowing plenty of time to chill.

On Sunday we left Versailles and headed towards the Loire Valley dutifully following Google and making the most of the 130km speed limit. It did cost 16 Euro in tolls for the opportunity! We’ve now turned off toll roads on google maps!

In Blois there are these amazing steps that look like a painted wall from a distance until you see people moving up and down! Didn’t get a photo of them unfortunately until we were at the top. We also enjoyed crepes with Nutella.

When we arrived at our hotel, the owner, Pascal, had left a cute note for us. The next morning we met him at breakfast. Pascal mentioned that he had visited NZ and stayed in Te Puke with the family of Howard Hinton, a rugby player from Te Puke that Pascal had played rugby with. Howard died at 33 and they now have a rugby tournament in his honour.


On Pascal’s recommendation we went to the Chenonceau Chateau, which was amazing and well worth the visit. The rebuilt Chateau was built in the River channelling the River around it like a moat. Then the mistress of the King got a bridge built across the river to the other side. The King’s Widow, after moving on the mistress, completed this by adding two gallery levels. So the whole Chateau sits above water.

I loved the way they had floral displays throughout the Chateau, all done onsite by two florists.

Grant like all the fireplaces. They had some lit and it was amazing how heat they put out.

The paintings were fantastic too.

We then headed over to Amboise where the Chateau is above the town overlooking the River.

Today we drove from the Loire Valley south to Bordeaux, which took just over four hours. This is what I found on the iPad from today:


3 responses to “Day 22/112 Heading south

  1. haha loved the last 2 photos of the girls!! And the fact that you found them on your iPad 🙂 Great to hear you are taking things relatively slowly and just enjoying it! No point rushing from place to place; just savour being in France and eating all that french food!! Hope the weather has been good for you 🙂


  2. It looks like a picture thanks for sharing and keep it up, take it all in and enjoy my gosh 3 weeks already wow. Have fun and stay safe xx


  3. I loved those chateaux when my parents and I did a cycle tour through there about 15 years ago (eek!). Best way to see France – lentement …


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