Day 23/112 Unexpected surprises

Isn’t funny how the days that you make no plans can turn out really well. We found out from reception at the apartment that the best way to get into the city was to drive 12 mins to a park and ride and then take the tram. All this for 4.50 euro for the family. I also downloaded a free walking tour onto my phone, which we started from the Grand Theatre. We went to the water mirror just before it started its mist cycle which the girls loved. So much that we stayed for the next cycle, seeing it fill with water giving the most amazing reflection that it is famous for.

On walking towards one of the stops on our tour, Grant found a Stihl dealership. Right on the main road on the river amongst trendy looking restaurants. Looked like it had been there awhile with old models displayed in the window. As it was lunchtime it was closed.


We enjoyed seeing the remaining fort gate where the river banks edge used to be. You can also see the remains of the city wall.

In the afternoon we decided to take a tram further along the river just to see what was there with the idea of taking a ferry back. We happened to get off where the lift bridge is and it had been opened to let a cruise ship past so we were able to watch that and see the bridge lower again. Fascinating piece of engineering.

We then took the ferry back to the water mirror where the girls enjoyed running around in the water.

What I’ve enjoyed about Bordeaux is the relaxed atmosphere of the city (compared to Paris and London) and that it is a low rise city (the soil doesn’t allow for high rises).

Tomorrow we are on the road again heading to Barcelona via the mountains.


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