Day 25/112 Road trip to Spain

Yesterday we left Bordeaux for Barcelona. We picked a spot on the map that was roughly half way and booked an apartment for the night.

The drive through rural France was beautiful. We even stopped at a market in a village and got fruit and bread with the locals. The Pyrenees are beautiful … there were a number of cyclists on training rides heading up the French side. We stopped near the border and walked down to the stream. There was a bus load of walkers returning from a day hike. Most of them must have been in their 70s … inspiring.

At the summit where the borders meet, the girls were pleased to find some snow that they could play with.

We arrived at our apartment to find it was in a small ski village called Sandinies. All stone buildings grouped together on the side of the mountain with narrow walkways. The apartment was fantastic, very modern with wonderful views from all rooms. We went to the local Taverna and managed to ordered a great meal via sign language.

Today we drove to a hotel I booked online just outside of Barcelona.


2 responses to “Day 25/112 Road trip to Spain

  1. hi loralei This is karli georgia and kaitlyn. we all miss you. Mr O has been showing the class your photo’s. They look really awesome. We all are so exited to see how much fun you are having.


  2. Hi Karli, Kaitlyn and Georgia This is Loralei. I’m missing all of you. Have you got the postcard that I sent to the class when I was in London. I am having lots of fun here. Bye


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