Day 26/112 History fun

An aspect of this trip that I’m loving is learning so much history. Today we took the train into the city and joined up with a hop on hop off bus. Our first stop was at the Maritime Museum as I’d seen a Titanic exhibition advertised there. This was an amazing exhibition, consisting of over 200 pieces recovered from the Titantic and a 1:30 scale reproduction with every little detail included. The exhibition and the accompanying audio guide was a real tribute to the crew who stayed on the ship and lost their lives.

We then took the bus further around until we needed to get off to make our scheduled time to see Gaudi’s house in Park Guell. That was also really interesting, and we then explored the park which gave amazing views over the city.

From the park we walked to Sagrada Familia to meet our evening booking. I’m so glad I made an evening booking as the sun was pouring in through the warm coloured stained glass and casting colours over the stone. It’s hard to put into words how amazing this building is. From the outside you have no perspective just how massive it is, until you go in. It’s going to be stunning when it is completed in 2026. I loved the nativity facade, but not so keen on the passion facade with a different style of sculpture used.

We then returned to the bus to continue a trip around the city, heads almost amongst the green leaves of all the trees.





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