Day 34/112 Cinque Terre

This post is brought to you by 3 UK and Samsung. The hostel we are staying at doesn’t have free WIFI – first time we’ve hit this in five weeks travelling. So I’m doing this post on my phone using my Roaming data from 3 UK. It’s been a lifesaver having a UK Sim and always having data, in particular being able to navigate around with Google maps. The photos below were taken on my phone.

Today we went to Cinque Terre. We initially tried driving to the train station just along from where we are staying but we couldn’t find a parking building and the parking that we did find near the train station, we couldn’t get the machine to work to pay for parking.  Other people seemed to get having the same problem.

So we decided to continue on and drive to Levano, one end of Cinque Terre. Found parking and walked to the train station where we got a day pass to the national park. This gives access to all the trails, trains and buses. We decided to train to the furthest away village, Riomagglore, and work back. Got there to find that the coastal pathway is closed between the last three villages.  So we had to train back to Manarola where we looked around, walked up and over the headland, had fish and chips for lunch, then on train to Corniglia. Here we walked 400 odd steps up in a steep criss cross fashion to the village. Holly was a machine racing to the top before the rest of us. We enjoyed a Gelato for that. Then we were able to take the coastal path to Vernazza. This took us about 1.5 hours, up and down, inland and coastal, through olive groves and back yards. We were pretty happy to get to Vernazza! The girls did a great job. There weren’t too many other children on the trail. I loved walking along trail when it was directly above the sea. It was also fantastic seeing the pastel colours buildings almost rising out from the sea.

From Vernazza we took the train back to Levano and drove back. We’ve got a couple of very tired girls who should sleep very well tonight!

If I was doing this again, I would book accommodation in one of the five villages so that you can explore early morning and late evening without the tourists. I’d probably also do it en route to another destination rather than a special trip. We met an American family who stayed in a village travelling between PIsa and Milan.


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