Day 39/112 Au revoir pour l’instant, en France

We’ve wrapped up our time in France and we are waiting at Nice Airport for our flights to Hamburg.

It’s been just over three weeks that we have been in France with two short side trips into Spain and Italy. We’ve used the last three days to relax a bit and recharge the batteries. Before we left Italy we drove up the coast line and walked around Portofino. Back in Nice we had a studio apartment near the beach and with a pool, so we had plenty of time for swimming and relaxing. We did hire some bikes and bike up and down the promenade.

This map shows the route we drove:


In reflecting back over the last three weeks, here are the highlights:

Magic Moments

  • “Look mummy, there’s the Eiffel Tower!”  the girls excitement on first sighting the Eiffel Tower.
  • Sitting in the sun listening to music in the gardens of Versailles.
  • Visiting a Chateau spanning a river, Chateau de Chenonceau, and the wonderful fresh floral displays.
  • Watching Loralei and Holly’s sheer delight running through, and hiding in, the mist on the water mirror at Bordeaux.
  • First walking into Sagrada Familia and experiencing the sheer size of it, then seeing the evening sun shine through the stained glass.
  • The warm welcome from our hosts at the airbnb in Provence.
  • Standing in the cliff top villages in Provence taking on the views and the wonder of the beauty and history.
  • Strolling the provencal markets … the sights, sounds and tastes.
  • Walking the coastal path on Cinque Terre.

Best Value

  • Bordeaux park and ride – all day park8ng and tram for family €4.50.
  • Patisserie visits – going to miss our daily baguette purchases!
  • Gelato at Corniglia €2 for a large cup of heaven after climbing all those steps.
  • Provence airbnb.
  • Cheapest apartment was the one with amazing views in the Pyrenees.


  • It would have been quicker and cheaper to return the car in France and use trains up and down the Italian coast.
  • France, in particular Paris and Nice, are very much on high alert for terrorism. There are bag checks when you enter shopping malls in addition to the checks you would expect at tourism Hotspot.  The Army is also very present in groups of four patrolling.

We’ve had a great time and look forward to sharing more from Hamburg and Prague next week.


2 responses to “Day 39/112 Au revoir pour l’instant, en France

  1. Hi Loralei it’s Charlotte Karli we hope your having a great time in France were freezing over here. Looking at all those photos is making us jealous. Hope you come back soon. By Charlote and Karli.


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