Day 41/112 Hamburg by Grant

Hi everyone, Mr Feist here, it is my turn to do a blog post so here we go. On Thursday we took a flight from Nice (leaving ❤️ hot weather) up to Hamburg. Got to Harburg where we were booked in to stay and was using Mrs google to get to the address when it started to rain and then the phone went flat! We did get there in the end ( not too wet ) The girls were getting a bit worried where we were going sleep that night. Friday morning we got the train into the city and checked out Miniature Wunderland, The girls thought it was going to be boring. This place is amazing. It is set up over 2 floors and a 3rd is for future builds. It has 15km of train tracks, 1040 trains, 10000 wagons and the longest train is 14.51m long all running through various regions, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, America and Scandinavia. It even has a working airport, where planes come in to land and travel along the Tarmac to the airport building and then the walk way moves out and joins up to the plane door. A big 10/10. Later we had dinner (and beer) at a German pub which was great.

Another big day planned for Saturday, Ferry trip down along the Elbe river post the port, ship docks, fish market and a few stops on the way. Time for lunch and then back on to another boat to head up to lake Aubenalster and up through the canals the most beautiful views of the handsome panorama of the city and some $1m+ realestate along the canal.

Then off to the event of the night, STIHL Timbersports champions Trophy which Jason Wnynard from NZ was competing in. Was a great night out, but Jason did his back on the 2nd round and had to pull out and only placed 4th.

A bit of a slow start to the day after a late night. We did a tour around a chocolate factory and there was plenty of tastings and even made our own chocolate with toppings. A quick bite of lunch then off to the Hamburg museum for the afternoon. Was very interesting and makes you remember how young NZ is. Will  pack up tomorrow morning before we get a train down to Prague for 4 days, to catch up with our friend Martin and his family. The girls have been really great and Rose-Anna has done a great job finding things to do and places to stay. 👍🏻 This is me done for now. Cheers Mr Feist.


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