Day 45/112 Czech Family Fun

On Monday we travelled by train from Hamburg to Prague – it was beautiful following the river through the area that borders both countries. Grant’s friend Martin, from Timbersports, kindly met us at the train station and drove us to the town of Milevsko where he owns a Stihl dealership. We had a great Czech meal of meat, gravy and dumplings and stayed in a fantastic apartment near the shop.

On Tuesday morning Martin’s wife delivered a bag of wonderful breakfast goodies and then took us for a walk around the town, including to the church that her and Martin were married at. Martin had a Timbersports demo that afternoon in Pilsen so we went along with his family to the Pilsen Zoo. His boys are similar age to Loralei and Holly and while they didn’t share a language they quickly got to know each other and enjoyed running around the zoo and chasing each other on the playground. That evening we had dinner at Martin’s parents – it was so nice to have a proper homemade meal – vege soup followed by schnitzel and potatoes. They were so much fun and kept plying us with more food, beer, wine and shots. Meanwhile all the kids were playing in the village.

Yesterday we went to Orlik Castle. It was fascinating to see a Castle which was originally built high up on a rock and is now on the water edge after they created the  Orlik reservoir in the 60s. This Castle was lived in until 1948 when it was confiscated by the Communist Regime. It has since been returned.

Martin’s wife drove us to Prague yesterday afternoon. This morning we got up early and took a bus to Old Town so that we could walk across Charles Bridge before it was busy. So glad we did as when we walked back across this afternoon it was full of people. From the Lesser Town we took the tram to the Castle entrance only to find a massive queue (looked like lots of tour groups). We walked around the corner to find a garden entrance with a sole security guard and no queue! The Palace was amazing and we spent the rest of the day there. So much to look at and explore. We had an audio guide which makes it more interesting. Starting to see the links between European royalty when Marie-Antoinette’s mother was a Queen at this palace. The girls loved popping in and out of the small buildings on Golden Lane.

Late this afternoon we had a wander around the Old Town. We’re planning to do a walking tour there tomorrow morning. Then we’re off to Ireland tomorrow evening.


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