Holly says: Beatrix Potter


I went to Beatrix Potter World and when we got in, there were eight little piglets. They were cute. The mummy pig was scary.  She was holding two buckets. She had a washing outfit on. The two squirrels were on the tree together. One squirrel was eating a nut. The other squirrel lay down and watched the other squirrel. It was funny. Peter Rabbit was a naughty one. He stole vegetables and when Mr McGregor chased Peter, his shoes and blue jacket fell off.


2 responses to “Holly says: Beatrix Potter

  1. What cool pictures Holly! We will read the story of Peter Rabbit in class today and share your photos and writing. It reminds us of our new chickens at school. It is our class assembly this morning too so we have been busy this week! We can’t wait to hear about what you are up to next 🙂


  2. Hi Holly! It looks like you are having such a great holiday and learning so much! Your head must be swelling up with all the things you are learning!!


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