Day 65/112 England delivers on summer sun

It’s so nice having hot weather again. Today was 28 degrees and beautiful!

On Monday we flew from Edinburgh to Luton airport and then drove to our YHA hostel in Jordans, just north of London. It’s a fantastic small hostel in an area surrounded by woodland. It is one of England’s oldest YHAs, the building was provided by the Quakers who have a meeting house down the road. We are in a tent, like the ones they use for glamping and it has a fire we can light if it is cold at night, which Grant thinks is pretty cool.

Yesterday we went to Cliveden, a National Trust property. Because we have Heritage NZ membership we can visit National Trust properties for free. Cliveden is a huge estate originally built in 1666 by George Villiers, 2nd Duke of Buckingham, but made famous by the Astors, who gifted it to the National Trust. We enjoyed the maize, the storybook play area, walking along the River Thames and the Long Garden. We also went to Whipsnade, a tree cathedral – looked like it was well intentioned but maybe not maintained. And we went to Pitstone Mill, which dates back to the 17th century.

Today we did our promised Legoland trip. As it was midweek, it was not busy so we didn’t have to queue for rides and quite often we could stay on a ride for another turn. The mini land, where they have the lego made countries is very cool, although seems to be overlooked as people head for the rides. Everywhere there are sculptures made of Lego. The rides, for a theme park, are quite tame but the park is designed for 12 and under. We all really enjoyed it and were there from opening to close.


One response to “Day 65/112 England delivers on summer sun

  1. Wow Holly! The kids in Talented Tui’s are jealous of all that lego!! Sounds like an awesome time. The colours on your photos are so bright, enjoy the sun and scenery!


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