Day 75/112 Magical Cornwall

We’ve had a wonderful few days this week on the Cornish Coast. We stayed at the YHA in Boscastle, right on the historic harbour. This natural harbour has a long history but was put on the map when a major flood hit the village in 2004. It has been rebuilt maintaining his historic nature and being on the South West Coastal Trail, is busy with walkers. The National Trust owns much of the surrounding area of the harbour including the YHA building. We loved being able to explore the village in the evenings and mornings before the day visitors arrived. The tidal range in this harbour is amazing, goes from no water and boats lying on the sand to full of cystal clear water. I’m loving the English gardens in the villages …. very inspired to add more colour and flowers to our garden at home.

One morning we walked on the southern side of the harbour along some of the coastal path and around a field of medieval strip farming, then the next morning we walked on the northern side. Grant and the girls swam in the harbour although, despite it being a really hot day, the water was very cold! Grant found a drone in the water that looked like it hadn’t been there too long so he left it at the Visitor Centre. You’ll see in the photos that making huts in the bunk is still fun for the girls!

We then moved onto Perranporth, further down the coast, stopping in at Tintagel to visit the Old Post Office, a 600 year old long house that once housed a post office among other uses that has been under the National Trust for over 100 years. Here we sent a wooden postcard to Great Nana … hope it isn’t stopped by NZ customs!

We also visited the Tintagel Castle, ruins of a castle on the headland. Loralei and Holly enjoy visiting ruins, imaging what was there. They also loved going into Merlins Cave just before the tide came in and filled it with water.

At Perranporth, the YHA is right above the beach on a cliff giving us amazing views over the beach. This beach also has a huge tidal range, so at low tide we were able to take some steps down the cliff under the hostel and explore rocks and caves that you cannot access at high tide.

Today we did a loop of the southern end of Cornwall. Started in St Ives which is a neat beachside town. Could have spent longer there but we needed to get back to the car before the parking expired (we got a fine in Bath for returning to the car 10 mins late, so don’t dare let parking expire!). We saw a crab that a dad had found for his kids and had a real Cornish pastie for lunch.

Bypassed Lands End as other travellers we met said it has become so commercialised with amusement rides and shops. Went to Penzance and found that it was Mazey Day, part their annual Golowan Festival. Golowan is the Cornish language word for Midsummer celebrations and dates back to the late 19th century. We arrived just as one of the Mazey Day parades was going through the market street. What an amazing parade with spectacular floats and great music.

We then went to Lizard Point, the southern most part of Britain. Unfortunately the light house was closed to visitors but we walked around the point. As we arrived the fog rolied in and the fog horn was going but it soon cleared. The heat wave has definitely gone and we’re back to cloudy, windy days with showers. Glad we enjoyed it when we could.

At the hostel a couple of women commented to me on how independent and mature our girls are. We’ve certainly noticed how much more confident they are since we’ve been on this trip.


One response to “Day 75/112 Magical Cornwall

  1. Looks like you are enjoying beautiful weather Holly! The TTs were really excited to get your postcard from London and laughed at the story about making your own teddy! We learnt what postcards were and had a go at designing and writing our own. We imagined all the places we wished we were on holiday at! Cornwall looks like a great place for a holiday, Mrs Humphries used to go there every year for a holiday when she was your age to a place called Looe!
    From the TTs xx


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