Day 88/112 Peaceful Trondheim

We all slept in this morning and awoke to the messaging system telling us that the ship had docked at Trondheim. We disembarked and followed a walking tour route that took us to the cathedral (world’s northernmost Gothic cathedral), the old town bridge, the royal residence (largest wooden palace in Scandinavia) and the colourful warehouses. Trondheim is a student city, a mix of older, colourful wooden and modern buildings. Its very peaceful and even the market square has no traffic and the surrounding buildings are understated. Even the manhole covers are beautiful.

We then left the kids at kids club on the ship and did a longer trail, up a hill to the Kristiansten Fortress, originally built in 1681 to protect the city from attacks from the east. On the hillside leading to this fortress is a bike lift which takes cyclists up the hill by pushing their right foot up. Grant had a go when a local lent his bike (see him have a go here). It’s pretty funny watching the beginners have a go, while the regulars make it look so easy.

Tomorrow is an at sea day where we cross the arctic circle and get close to a glacier.



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