Day 92/112 Hei fra Nord-Cape

Hello from the North Cape (Nordkapp) the northernmost point in Europe accessible by road. Our ship docked at Honningsvag this morning and we took a 20 minute bus ride to the Nordkapp visitor centre, famous for the globe structure photographed with the midnight sun. We were not so lucky today as the clouds rolled in blanketing the Cape.  We did get some fun photos – our usual models don’t feature as they stayed on the ship at kids club. We also saw an interesting movie that took us on a journey through the seasons in Northern Norway. And we tried a reindeer bratwurst and sent some postcards.

That evening we cruised past Nordkapp on the ship and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky!

This time of year, you can see the Midnight Sun, where the sun doesn’t go below the horizon for a period before and after the longest day. I stayed up until nearly midnight to see this but it was a bit cloudy  (first photo below). The next night was clear so took photos every hour until it got too cloudy.

Yesterday we were in Tromso and the day started with perfect weather and breakfast outside.  We got a day pass for the local bus, which meant we could hop on and off as we liked (and reduced the amount of walking for Loralei and Holly since we’d made them walk lots the day prior). We visited the Arctic Cathedral – the beautiful mosaic glass was installed all by hand with each panel weighing 100kg. From there we walked over the bridge back to Tromso Island. We’re well done with tourists shops so took a quick look at the art museum that has a focus on Sami art. We finished with a walk through the botanical gardens where they’ve created an amazing terraced, rocky garden for alpine plants. What I’m loving about Norway is how understated everything is, while the rest of Europe were trying to outdo each other with their massive stone buildings and churches, Norway kept to simple wooden buildings.

On Sunday we docked in the harbour at Leknes, the main town servicing the fishing villages of the Lofoten Islands. As it was Sunday there wasn’t a lot on and we hadn’t organised anything, we hiked up to a lookout and were rewarded with fantastic views.


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