Day 94/112 Art Nouveau Alesund

In 1904 a fire took out the town of Alesund making 10,000 of the 12,000 residents homeless with one death. Within five years they’d completely rebuilt the town in an Art Nouveau style, under the direction of a team of 50 architects, that the town is famous for now. We spent the morning at the Art Nouveau Centre, housed where the pharmacy used to be. The entrance is the same as when it was a pharmacy. The upstairs rooms are where the family lived. I love the stained glass and vine and floral motifs that they used.

We saw a demostration of flyboarding where a jetski was pumping water to jets on the guys feet. He was flying and doing flips quite high to music. Here is a video.

In the afternoon we took a “train” tour to the top of Mt Aksla with amazing views over Alesund and surrounding islands.

We then walked down the steps the run in a zip zag to the town, visiting the wooden house that survived the fire. Built in 1870 it now houses a museum and Cafe.

Tomorrow is our last stop on the cruise at Bergen, before we go back to Hamburg on Sunday.


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